Relaxing cushion with lavender/linen flowers - Midnight Blue Fabric - 100% Oeko-tex certified cotton

CHF 30.00

The Relaxing Eye Cushion is a simple and effective way to relax while enjoying the aromatherapy benefits of lavender.

Enjoy these moments when you are completely sheltered from all visual stimulation!

It brings immediate well-being. Promotes rest, relaxation, meditation and can relieve eye strain and headaches.

The lavender and flaxseed relaxation cushion has multiple benefits:

It allows you to easily enter a state of relaxation and calm and allows you to relax your eyes.

  • Rests your eyes by stopping all visual stimulation (ideal after a day on screens).

  • Accelerates the relaxation process before falling asleep by the weight of the cushion on the eyes.

  • Reduces headaches thanks to the rest brought by total darkness for a few minutes.

These relaxing cushions are regularly used during relaxation sessions in yoga classes.

Yogis have the habit of warming their hands together and then placing their palms on their eyes. This technique, called “Palming”, provides deep and lasting relaxation for the eyes. For optimal comfort and to let the hands relax alongside the body during relaxation, yogis have gotten into the habit of using a small cushion for the eyes which reproduces the effects of Palming.

Made in Zurich. 100% Swiss: short circuit

  • Fabrics: 100% cotton Oeko-tex certified without harmful substances

  • Dimensions: 212mm x 100mm

  • ORGANIC flax and ORGANIC lavender seeds: ORGANIC Swiss origin

All ingredients are locally sourced:

-> Linseed, harvested in Pompaples (VD).
-> Organic lavender flowers from the Alps, harvested by hand in our Belle Luce garden in Valais..


You can use it as a cold compress. It is perfect for cooling your eyes, neck and shoulders during periods of high heat! It will also have a soothing effect.

For "cold" use, place the cushion in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour or more, in an airtight bag, which will protect it from excess humidity.


You can also warm up the relaxation cushion. Slightly heated and placed on your eyes, it will accentuate muscle relaxation. Also ideal for calming tensions, simply relaxing the belly in a hot water bottle.

Place your cushion in the microwave (for 30 seconds, power 400 watts maximum), on a radiator (stir from time to time to heat evenly), next to a stove or in a traditional oven (7-8 minutes maximum, medium thermostat by monitoring). Test the heat (if it's not too hot or too cold..) and place the cushion on the parts of the body.

Be careful, do not leave your cushion unattended during heating and respect the heating times.

Always check the temperature before use.

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Sandrine D
Sandrine D

Magnifique produit Envoi rapide et très bien emballé Mes clientes sont très détendue lors de mes soins J’adore