Beauty Pouch - Primavera

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CHF 26.00
Limited Edition

Pretty beauty pouch to take everywhere!

To offer or to offer oneself.

We love the subtle and refined colors of this kit signed by MYOKKO DESIGN.

With its colorful cotton fabric and flashy zip, it won't go unnoticed.

Fabrics: (limited edition)
Exterior and interior fabrics: 100% Oeko-tex and/or GOTS certified cotton.

15 cm wide / 8 cm high

Collaboration Swiss Craftsmen:
Manufacture: 100% Swiss by hand. By Myokko Design, in his studio in Zurich.

You can use it as a cold compress. It is perfect for cooling your eyes, neck and shoulders during periods of high heat! It will also have a soothing effect on migraines and eye fatigue. And decongestant for eyes and sinuses.

For "cold" use, place the cushion in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour or more, in an airtight bag, which will protect it from excess humidity.

You can also warm up the relaxation cushion. Slightly heated and placed on your eyes, it will accentuate muscle relaxation. Also ideal for soothing muscle pain, stomach aches (like premenstrual pain) simply in a hot water bottle.

Place your cushion in the microwave (for 30 seconds, power 400 watts maximum), on a radiator (stir from time to time to heat evenly), next to a stove or in a traditional oven (7-8 minutes maximum, medium thermostat by monitoring). Test the heat (if it's not too hot or too cold...) and place the cushion on the body parts that are in pain or simply need to be warmed up.

Be careful, do not leave your cushion unattended during heating and respect the heating times.

Always check the temperature before use.

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