Alpine Nettle care oil | Nourishing and Toning

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Oil with wild nettle leaves from Valais, very rich in essential fatty acids with nourishing, toning and protective properties for the skin barrier.


The power of Alpine nettles in a bottle!

Dry and nourishing oil: Nettle oil is a plant recognized for millennia as virtuous, because it is very rich in essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and minerals, with properties recognized as toning and protective of the skin barrier, it deeply nourishes all by providing the right nutrients essential to your skin.

It is recommended for the care of the body and/or for the care of the scalp during hair loss, dandruff or itching.

100% ingredients of natural origin. 99.5% from organic farming

Without perfumes, without essential oils.

100% Swiss: short circuit

Recyclable glass bottle with pump - 50 ml

Nettle: very rich in essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and minerals, it brings all the good nutrients to the skin.

Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant, it prevents oils from going rancid and prevents skin aging linked to oxidation.

Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Urtica dioica extract*, Tocopherol.

* From organic farming Without perfumes, Without synthetic dyes.

Pamper yourself with a massage on the body.

For hair care:
Apply a little oil to the scalp and leave the ends on before shampooing or cover them with a linen towel for the night.

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