Treat yourself to a Home Spa with Peel-Off Masks

Want a relaxing and effective treatment worthy of a spa, without leaving the comfort of your home? Discover the cornflower peel-off mask, a revolutionary innovation that transforms your beauty routine in just a few minutes!

Innovative Technology:

  • Unique galenic : The innovative texture of the peel-off masks allows easy application and removal without rinsing. To rehydrate : simply mix the powder with water to create a smooth paste and enjoy a moment of beauty.

Multiple Benefits:

  • The Benefits of the Belle Luce Peel-off Mask

    Intense hydration and instant freshness: for supple and soft skin.

    Ultra refreshing effect: for immediate comfort. it soothes irritation and redness thanks to patented plant active ingredients ACTiPHYTE.

    Purified and balanced skin: it tightens pores and refines the skin's texture.

    Prevents oxidative stress: Fight against free radicals

    Optimal absorption of active ingredients : The occlusive film on the skin promotes the penetration of active ingredients for visible results, boosting the radiance and firmness of your skin.

A Practical and Quick Treatment to Save Valuable Time:

  • Easy and intuitive application : Forget complicated preparations. Peel-off masks are applied in just a few simple steps, giving you more time to relax.
  • Optimized exposure time : Enjoy a moment of reading, meditation or rest during the 15 minutes of action of the mask.
  • Rinse-free removal : The peel-off masks are removed in a single gesture, leaving instantly your skin clean, hydrated and clear.

The Peel-off mask: A must-have in your beauty routine.

Belle Luce Cornflower Peel-Off Mask:

Enriched with 97% ingredients of natural origin and without preservatives, it offers a multitude of benefits for your skin.

  1. Its formula enriched with cornflower flowers and lemon balm plumps the skin and provides long-lasting hydration.
  2. Perfectly suited to sensitive skin, this mask soothes irritation and redness, leaving a feeling of softness and comfort.
  3. Apply the mask in a thick layer, let it dry for 15 minutes and remove it in one go, without rinsing.

Belle Luce cosmetics natural peeloff mask with moisturizing alpine plants, natural, organic, quality, super hydrating, clinically proven care mask

Discover: Belle Luce Cornflower Peel-Off Mask

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