Farm to Face: Organic cosmetics direct from the producer

In recent years, the Farm to Face movement has been gaining ground across the Atlantic and is beginning to be exported to the Old Continent. Even if the concept can be understood intuitively, it still probably remains unknown to our ears.

What is this ?

Farm to Face literally means farm to face.

In good French, this means using natural resources and organic and local agriculture (plants, fruits, vegetables, spring water), extracting the benefits and active ingredients, then transforming them into products. cosmetics for direct application to the skin. The act of purchasing is becoming more conscious and the question of sustainable development and ethics is beginning to become part of our habits.

It is interesting to note that this concept applied in cosmetics initially stems from the Farm to Table movement used in catering. Indeed, it is a question of favoring local ingredients by sourcing directly from producers in the region. The work of the dish is done with finesse in order to get the best out of it before offering it to the customer for tasting.

Thus, if consumers are more sensitive and careful about what they have on their plate, the same goes for what they apply to their bodies.

How does the Farm to Face concept fit into Belle Luce?

  • The brand owns the production process from A to Z. The vast majority of products are grown at Belle Luce "from the seed to the care product", as for example with calendula, edelweiss, nettle, achilles yarrow, lavender and plantain.
  • Natural and approved ingredients in organic cosmetics.
  • Respect for plants, the beauty of seeing each plant bud grow is essential at Belle Luce, as well as cultivating patience to wait for it to mature before harvesting.
  • A method of harvesting by hand and respectful of the fibers of the plant in order to promote regrowth. Proper drying to retain all plant nutrients.
  • Organic farming without pesticides and local production as much as possible.
  • IS0 manufacturing techniques standards, organic farming, approval and compliance with current European standards.

A local and sustainable approach

Belle Luce offers natural cosmetics and herbal teas made from medicinal plants grown in Valais in organic farming. To find out more, we invite you to discover!

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