The Brilliance of Swiss Craftsmanship in Every Candle

A Unique Artisanal Process

The Art of Light: The Captivating Story of LDG Artisans SNC

In May 2023, Geneva's entrepreneurial landscape was enriched with a unique gem: LDG Artisans SNC. Founded by the passionate couple Erika and Ouissem, this company is distinguished by a remarkable fusion of love and craftsmanship.

Their journey took root in the privacy of their home, where they began creating handmade, eco-friendly candles.

Each candle made by LDG Artisans SNC is a celebration of elegance and know-how, designed to bring a warm light and a unique character to each interior for a moment of cocooning. These candles, more than simple accessories, embody the spirit of Swiss craftsmanship and transform each space into a haven of serenity.

belle luce candle 100% natural plant-based, CMR-free

Erika and Ouissem from LDG Artisans SNC

The “Cocooning” Candle by LDG Artisans SNC: A Creation Exclusively Designed for BELLE LUCE COSMETIQUES

A Refined Olfactory Symphony: Its olfactory pyramid

The "Cocooning" candle opens with powdery notes of violet, lily of the valley and pink pepper at the top, evolving towards a refined heart of rose and iris, finally nestling in warm accords of cedar. An olfactory symphony for lovers of delicate and sophisticated perfumes: the 'Cocooning' candle transforms every room into a haven of peace and serenity.

Eco-responsibility and Elegance

Respecting health and the environment, our "Cocooning" candle is guaranteed without CMR substances, phthalates, vanillin, paraffin or dyes. Its perfume, coming from the town of Grasse, is diffused using an environmentally friendly wooden wick , and is presented in an elegant reusable metal pot.

An Artisanal Masterpiece

Each candle, crafted with care and dedication by Erika and Ouissem, is a true masterpiece. The addition of authentic dried flowers gives each piece a botanical and artistic singularity, transforming these candles into much more than just lighting.

They become works of art, telling a unique story, perfect for enriching your moments of relaxation and cocooning at home."

Discover the Radiance of the exclusive “Cocooning” Candle

Invite artisanal luxury and well-being into your interior with the “Cocooning” candle and transform your space with this touch of refinement and serenity.


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