Crazy daisies!

You will probably have noticed that for the past few days, small white and pink flowers have started to bloom in the gardens and gives us a glimpse of the beginning of spring.

The daisy, a common plant that allows the play of the first love emotions of our childhood has extraordinary benefits for the skin!

From its scientific name Bellis perennis which translates to eternal beauty, it is not surprising that the daisy is used for its various beautifying virtues.

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Firming and toning

Daisy oil (or macerate) is renowned for its shaping, firming and stimulating action on the skin. It is ideal for bringing tone to skin that may lack elasticity.

Rich in vitamin A, E and omega 6, it is particularly known for beauty care for the breasts and décolleté.

Due to its tonic effect, this oil can also be recommended as a post-pregnancy massage treatment or on sagging skin.

Its softness is very suitable for delicate or redness-prone skin. Ideally formulated, our oil is raw and contains no essential oils or fragrances.

The components of the daisy with a tensor effect are particularly favorable in the event of loss of elasticity of the skin such as during:

  • of pregnancy or breastfeeding of the practice
  • of an intensive sport with many jumps
  • of a diet with distension of the skin and a variation in weight
  • aging of the skin and particularly at the level of the neckline

Tip from Luce: Apply your daisy oil to the bust and décolleté to help your skin maintain good skin tone.

Preferably twice a day, morning and evening, in small quantities and in light massage for a minimum of one month:

  • Place one hand flat under the breast and draw the infinity symbol (∞) encompassing both breasts
  • Apply the mixture by massaging the breast, from the outside to the inside, insisting well, but delicately on the areola and the nipple

After the massage, once the oil is well penetrated into the skin, soak a towel in ice water, wring it well and apply it to the breasts for a few seconds.

Photo credit: Belle Luce Natural Cosmetics

An ancestral know-how

It all starts in the wild fields of Val de Bagnes!

Once harvested by hand, the daisy flowers lie in the dryer on racks.

They are then infused for more than a month in organic sunflower oil in the sun at an altitude of more than 900m. It is thanks to the energy of the sun that all the active ingredients of the flowers are extracted.

After filtration, the oil is packaged in glass bottles to preserve all its virtues. It is protected from rancidity thanks to vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.

Firming oil recipe with essential oils

  • Mix the daisy macerate with a maximum of 3% Atlas cedar and rose geranium essential oils.

Atlas Cedar: lymphotonic and lipolytic effect that promotes drainage and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Rose geranium: astringent effect that promotes skin tone and fights water retention.

  • Choose organic and natural essential oils, 100% pure and integral.
  • Then package in a sterilized glass bottle.

Recommendation: Always test the product on the bend of the elbow 24 hours before use.

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Photo credit: Belle Luce Natural Cosmetics

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