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The arrival of sunny days is often accompanied by guilt-inducing articles and advertisements whose aim is to offer solutions for “having the perfect body”.

Apart from the mental stress generated, what is never explicitly said is that everyone has irregularities on the skin and cellulite!

We reassure you! At Belle Luce, we encourage well-being and health as a whole and it is for this purpose that we are sharing with you today some information that will guide you if you want to add a complementary care routine to your daily life. , without pressure.

What is the difference between cellulite and water retention?

Cellulite is the result of excess fat accumulation in the deeper layers of the skin and can block blood flow and disrupt lymph flow.

Little by little, fats, toxins and liquids accumulate since it is more difficult for the body to eliminate them. This will cause dimpling, also known as the “orange peel effect” to appear. Rather localized in the lower body (legs, thighs and buttocks), cellulite can also be found on the stomach and arms.

“The basis of the problem is an imbalance between the amount of fat that is ingested and that which is expended, thus the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue prevents the circulation of toxins which, when blocked, create inflammation.” SENS COMPANY.FR

Water retention is a feeling of swelling also called edema.

Often, the lymphatic fluid does not circulate well, in particular because of a prolonged static position, a lack of sports activity or clothing that is too tight and uncomfortable.

Over time, water will accumulate in the body and swelling will usually appear in the lower part of the body (legs, thighs, ankles).

Our 8 tips to improve blood and lymphatic circulation

1. Use fabulous draining medicinal plants in herbal tea

Although numerous, here is a selection of plants known for their benefits on blood and lymphatic circulation.

Nettle: Rich in flavonoids and minerals, it is known as a depurative and diuretic. It remineralizes the body and eliminates toxins that accumulate in the body.

Meadowsweet: Rich in flavonoids, toning and draining, it improves blood circulation and thus facilitates the elimination of water and toxins.

Dandelion leaves: Known as an exceptional diuretic plant, they are effective in reducing water retention and promoting detoxification.

Tips from Luce: Do not hesitate to ask your herbalist to prepare a mixture of several of these plants - ideally organic - for your herbal tea. To be enjoyed hot or cold once infused! Discover our draining infusions: Nettle herbal tea .

Please note that not all plants are good for pregnant or breastfeeding women, always ask your doctor for advice.

2. Body brushing

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This beauty technique known in Asia consists of using a brush to dislodge long-standing cellulite while attenuating the appearance of new layers. Brushing activates blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. It helps release dead cells and toxins.


  • Brush the naked body dry (without water or oils) for about ten minutes before the shower.
  • Start with the feet, then go up along the body by making circular movements starting from the extremity of the limbs.

Tips from Luce: Use a brush with soft natural fiber bristles, neither too hard nor too soft.

3. Peels

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Exfoliating once a week on targeted areas of the body helps regenerate the epidermis and smooth out irregularities.

Tip from Luce: Simply mix in a bowl:

  • ½ cup ground coffee or coffee grounds
  • ¼ cup sea salt
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • A few spoonfuls of nettle oil (or olive/hazelnut oil)

Then apply the mixture to damp skin and massage gently.

Discover our exfoliating soap with poppy seeds from the Alps!

4. Oil massages


Massage yourself with draining oils!

Apply and massage until absorbed so that the oils penetrate well into all layers of the epidermis. Ideally, when the skin is still damp after the shower for better absorption!

If you are doing institute treatments, ask your specialist to use your own oil with draining and natural properties!

Tip from Luce: Try our nettle care oil or our blend of vegetable oils and draining essential oils: virtuous oil.

5. Cold water jets after the shower

Cold water has a vasoconstrictor effect which increases blood pressure by constricting the vessels. In the shower or when getting out of the bath, make a jet of cold water from the ankles to the top of the thighs, from bottom to top. To avoid too much temperature shock, gently lower the temperature to a crescendo until cold.

6. Lymphatic drainage

It is a very gentle massage to be done by a certified therapist, which will stimulate the circulation of the lymph and will help eliminate various waste products through the lymphatic pathways. Several sessions are necessary and it is a treatment that can be done all year round in order to stimulate the body.

7. Get enough hydration

Remember to hydrate yourself daily! It is advisable to drink about 1.5L of water per day, which is equivalent to about ten glasses of water. In case of cellulite or water retention, it is imperative to improve blood and lymphatic circulation to help your body eliminate toxins.

8. Adapted clothing cuts and textiles

One of the main factors hindering the proper circulation of blood and lymph is the choice of clothing that is too tight, which will compress the body and promote the accumulation of cellulite. Ideally, especially in summer, you should wear looser clothes with natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen, etc. Remember that the body must breathe!

The opinion of our expert Samuel Rayburn, Holistic Nutritionist (ASCA)

Nutrition and drainage of the liver, intestine and skin is essential in dealing with cellulite and water retention. For a better circulation and elimination of endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) waste, it is necessary to analyze the quality of our food, our hydration, our air and also to take into consideration our lifestyle because stress chronic creates a lot of endogenous waste.

There are two ways of circulation in our body the blood and the lymph to image the blood it is the highway and the lymph it is a residential district limited to 30 km/h when there is traffic jam perhaps paralyzed, some vehicles can overheat (inflammation) and break down or remain immobilized by other vehicles (fatty substances) so for better fluidity, it will be necessary to unclog the liquids and for this to drain, detoxify and prevent other exogenous waste to clog our internal circulation routes.

Samuel's tips: Choose fruits and vegetables (organic or untreated from your region) rich in vitamins and minerals.

Reduce the salt and ask ourselves if we are not in “survival mode”, because this conditions our brain to store water and lipids. Also reduce our glycemic index to prevent the pancreas from secreting insulin which transforms sugar into a poor quality fatty substance then the stock for a possible need in case of famine.

Beware of refined sugar and poor quality and industrial lipids.


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