Belle Luce partners with Swiss craftsmen for an alliance of quality and know-how

Discover Corinne, founder of the "Atelier Myokko" brand: The craftswoman behind the relaxing cushions with lavender flowers

If you are looking for a way to unwind after a long day at work or unwind after hours spent in front of a screen, the lavender flower relaxing cushions from our gardens are handmade by Atelier Myokko and is the ideal solution to offer you a moment of relaxation.

Corinne, based in Zurich, is a passionate artisan who founded her “Atelier Myokko” in 2016. Her expertise lies in creating relaxing yoga cushions using high quality fabrics, organic lavender flowers from our fields of mountains and flax seeds from Pompaples, in the canton of Vaud.

Belle Luce lavender flower cushions

Corinne - Atelier Myokko-Zürich

Each cushion is meticulously handcrafted in a painstaking process.

Corinne carefully selects the softest and most comfortable fabrics for each cushion, then fills them with organic lavender flowers and flax seeds. By choosing organic materials and favoring local sources, it is committed to creating products that respect the environment in a short circuit.

production of BELLE LUCE cushions

Mix lavender flowers and flax seeds before pouring into the cover

The result: perfectly balanced cushions in terms of weight and texture, offering an optimal relaxation experience.

The relaxing cushion, placed over your eyes, is a simple and effective way to relax while enjoying the benefits of lavender aromatherapy.

It brings immediate well-being, promotes rest, relaxation, meditation and can relieve eye fatigue and headaches.

The benefits of the relaxation cushion are multiple, they can be used hot or cold:

  • It allows you to easily return to a state of relaxation and appeasement, promoting relaxation of the eyes.
  • It rests your eyes by stopping all visual stimulation, making it an ideal choice after a day spent in front of screens.
  • It accelerates the relaxation process before falling asleep thanks to the weight of the pillow on the eyes.
  • It decreases headaches by providing total darkness for a few minutes, thus promoting rest.
  • These relaxing cushions are regularly used during relaxation sessions in yoga classes.
  • Yogis have the habit of warming their hands together and then placing their palms over their eyes. This technique, called "Palming", brings deep and lasting relaxation to the eyes. For optimal comfort and to allow the hands to relax alongside the body during relaxation, yogis use a small eye pillow that reproduces the effects of Palming.

Each relaxing cushion from Atelier Myokko is unique and is a true work of art, combining know-how and passion.

Corinne puts all her heart and expertise into each creation.

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