Hydrolats: refreshing allies for your summer skincare routine

When summer arrives, we all look for effective and natural ways to refresh and care for our skin. This is where hydrosols come in! These wonderful products derived from the distillation of plants offer a multitude of benefits for the skin, especially during the warmer months. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of hydrosols and show you how to incorporate them into your summer skincare routine.

Hydrolats, also called floral waters, are obtained during the distillation of plants to produce essential oils. Used for centuries for their healing and cosmetic properties, aromatic waters leave a delicate fragrant imprint on the skin and have undeniable benefits for the face.

Composed of aloe vera water and small amounts of volatile compounds from the plant, hydrosols are gentle and respect the skin microbiome while rebalancing the skin's pH.

Here are some of the benefits of hydrosols for your summer skincare routine:

Cooling and soothing properties:

Hydrosols provide an instant feeling of freshness when applied to the skin, which is especially beneficial on hot summer days. They help to calm irritations, redness, leaving the skin soothed and revitalized.

Tip from Luce: For an even more refreshing experience, you can store your hydrosols in the fridge.

Light and balanced hydration:

Hydrosols deliver lightweight, balanced hydration to skin without clogging pores or weighing skin down. They help to maintain the optimal level of hydration, which is essential during the summer months when the skin can be dehydrated by the heat.

Did you know ? For even more active ingredients, at Belle Luce, our floral waters are distilled on a base of Aloe Vera water!

Purifying and toning action:

Some hydrosols have purifying and toning properties, making them an ideal choice for oily or blemish-prone skin. For example, rosemary hydrosol helps balance sebum production and purify the skin, while verbena hydrosol is known for its soothing and firming properties, helping to tighten pores and improve skin elasticity. skin.

Versatile use:

Hydrosols can be used in different ways in your summer skincare routine. You can spray them directly on your face for an instant cooling sensation, use them as a toner after cleansing the skin, incorporate them into face masks , or use them to remove makeup by mixing them with calendula oil . Their versatility makes it possible to adapt their use to your specific needs.

At Belle Luce, we offer hydrosols composed of 99.4% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming, certified COSMOS ORGANIC. You can therefore enjoy the benefits of hydrosols while respecting your skin and the environment.

In conclusion , hydrosols are refreshing and beneficial allies for your skin during the summer months. Their soothing, hydrating, purifying and toning properties make them versatile products to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Explore the different hydrosols available and find the ones that best suit your skin type and specific needs.

Do not hesitate to include these treasures of nature in your summer routine for skin that glows with health and freshness.

Feel the revitalizing energy of hydrosols and fully enjoy summer while taking care of your skin with these botanical gems.

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